Please note: Rates are subject to change at any time. Unless otherwise stated, prices are estimates only and can vary based on your specific piece of equipment. To receive the most accurate quote, stop by or contact us by phone or email.

Daily Labor and service Rates
Shop Labor Rate - $70/hr
Push Mower Service - $59.95
Riding Mower Service - $74.95

Snowblower Service (LARGE) - $69.95
Snowblower service (SMALL) - $59.95
Tractor Service - $95.95
Zero Turn Mower service - $95.95
Tiller Service (Large) - $59.95
Tiller service (Small) - $49.95

Pickup and Delivery
Pay just $55 to have your equipment picked up and delivered within a 20-mile radius.  Please call for a quote if you're located outside this area.

Storage fee

‚ÄčAll equipment is subject to a storage fee if left after 15 days after notification of completed work. Any piece of equipment left 30 days after notification of completed work is subject to being sold in order to recoup money due to Southern Tier Small Engine.